@NikeBG Well said!  :) Undoing racism in America is a complex issue. I guess Americans together have to commit to removing the barriers that prevent blacks from achieving community self-determination and self-sufficiency. Too bad people are so greedy and self-centered these days. There’s this underlying attitude of “I got mine! Too bad you didn’t get yours!” Like people walking by a person lying on the sidewalk in distress and not helping. They just step over the body and keep walking.

Okay, I am listening to this song right now! At 7:36am! It is snowing outside. I am drinking a cup of coffee. It is still dark outside. Donald Trump is still POTUS. There are riots in the West Bank because Trump changed Israel’s capital city to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. How can he do that? Maybe tomorrow he will make Kyiv the capital of Russia and Poroshenko the President of All Rus.  ;) 

Top Ukrainian rock musicians released this music video to mark Ukraine’s Armed Forces Day (December 6). Slava Ukraini!

This Ukrainian woman honored Ukraine’s military heroes with this tap dance. Idk what I think about this. 


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