@srdceleva that depends from Montenegrin to Montenegrin. Some of them consider Montenegrins to be separate ethnic group, some of them consider themselves to be Serbs, and not just any Serbs, but the greatest ones. The biggest ethnic group among Montenegrin citizens are Montenegrins, followed by Serbs, however most spoken language is Serbian. Yes, Montenegrins are mostly of Orthodox faith, under Serbian Orthodox Church, but they have unrecognized Montenegrin church, similar to recently mentioned Macedonian one. Cultural difference that comes to mind is tribal organization, more patriarchal society and some odd traditions like that blood vengeance mentioned in that feud thread. Some Serbs claim Montengrins as an ethnic identity is a relic of SFRY, some Montenegrins claim they’ve existed throughout history as a separate group, only to be influenced by pro Serbian scholars in 19th century and finally “occupied” in 1918. As I said it really depends from person to person. Look up Slobodan Gluščević on Slavorum and read his comments, he’s a typical representative of the latter ones.


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