Lithuanians are light? They are our cousins. Here’s a leading Lithuanian anthropologist stating Belarusians are cousins of Lithuanians . I don’t know if you can read in Lithuanian. Use google translator: https://www.delfi.lt/news/daily/lithuania/lietuviu-proteviai-skandinavai-o-pusbroliai-baltarusiai.d?id=20646059

The first graph is a canonical linear discriminant analysis presented by anthropologist V. Deryabin. Canonical discriminates analysis (CDA) is a dimension reduction technique similar to that of the PCA commonly used by physical anthropologists. The CDA explains which variables best discriminates between classes. In this case a class is a group of anthropological types in each ethnicity. The graph is based on data collected during anthropological expeditions in 50-70s.


1- western upper Volga type of Russians (Tver region), 2 — western Russian (border region of southern Latvia and Belarus), 3 — Desna-Sejm type of Russians (on the border of south-eastern Belarus), 4 — Belarusians , 5 — west Estonian type, 6 — east Estonian type, 7 — western Latvia, 8 — central & northern Latvia, 9 — eastern Latvia , 10 — SW Lithuanians, 11 — SE Lithuanians, 12 — SW Finnish

PS Russia has around 14 anthropological types as per Russian anthropologists. The three Russian anthropological types presented in the CDA analysis are from western Russia being most similar to those of the Baltic, Estonian and Belarusian.


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