Kapitán – meaning Captain. :D 

Denis – from Greek Dionysus/Dionysos.

From Greek Διος (Dios) meaning “of ZEUS” combined with NYSA, the name of the region where young Dionysos was said to have been raised. In Greek mythology Dionysos was the god of wine, revelry, fertility and dance. He was the son of Zeus and Semele.

About Nysa:

In Greek mythology, the mountainous district of Nysa (Greek: Νῦσα), variously associated with EthiopiaLibyaTribaliaIndia or Arabia by Greek mythographers, was the traditional place where the rain nymphs, the Hyades, raised the infant god Dionysus, the “Zeus of Nysa”.

Though the worship of Dionysus came into mainland Greece from Asia Minor (where the Hittites called themselves “Nesi” and their language “Nesili”), the various locations assigned to Nysa may simply be conventions to show that a romantically remote and mythical land was envisaged. The name Nysa may even be an invention to explain the god’s name. Even Homer mentions the mountain Nyseion as the place where Dionysus, under the protection of the nymphs, grew up.

There are 2 variation of this name used in Slovakia – Denis and Dionýz.

My mom (also Denisa) said she gave me this name because she liked it and no boys had that name in our region at the time.


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