you have a great name, im not joking here. Ive always liked the name Dusan, it had a positive conotation in my mind always. I dont know why. 

@”Kapitán Denis”
Denis is a nice name, i dont have any slovak friends with that name, and even in the U.S its kind of rare. Ive heard of some russians with that name though. Its a nice name. 

Jon or Jan is a great name. My grandfather was Jan on my moms side. 

never heard of that name honestly, but in slovakia Marian is a quite common name for men. 

speaking of names. Due to the other thread about lithuanians I decided to search up famous lithuanians and Charles Bronson popped up. I always thought he was Russian didnt know he was actually lithuanian, just goes to show how ignorant we can be as Americans. Any ways on wikipedia it says this about his dad changing their last name 

His father, Valteris P. Bučinskis (who later adjusted his name to Walter Buchinsky to sound more “American”)

isnt that ridiculous, why on earth would Buchinsky sound more american Walter yes but Buchinsky? made me smile. You learn something pointless each day. 


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