So basically lithuanians and belarusians are more closely related than belarusians and other east slavs according to this study. I know many slavs have inherited quite a significant amount of baltic ancestry, but how much slavic ancestry have balts inherited? I mean light as in light complexion. I havent met many lithuanians but all lithuanians i met were light brown to platinum blonde. The girl id marry had light brown, i dont mind blonde but platinum blonde is not attractive imo. As a belarusian would you feel closer to lithuanians or say a ukrainian from lyvov? 

@Dušan @”Kapitán Denis” 
the ukrainian girl that Karpivna posted id marry in a second, same with the lithuanian. The russian singer who sings in belarusian was a dime piece as well but id take the other two over her, plus the ukrainian chick was a simple chick just trying to get a job, makes her more attractive. There are five siblings in my family, if we all get married and have another set of 5 kids each, we will start a nation in no time. Plus its my duty to make R1a-L260 more populous, and make my ancestor proud. You two both being of paternal slovak descent may also belong to this haplgroup, if so have as many children as possible. Lithuanians may be related to belarusians but you guys are slovaks like me, make sure to have a lot of kids. its ur duty 


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