I guess the most interesting reason I am curious about this are definite and indefinite article (“the” and “a”) in English. Slavs who speak English as a second language struggle with these mightily, since the concept is foreign to us: we don’t have these articles like Germanic and Romance languages do.

However, in BCMS, there is (at least to some extent) a way to account for the articles by using pitch.

The White House – Bêla Kuća
A white house  – béla kuća

A pretty girl – lépa devojka
The pretty girl – lêpa devojka

The black mountain – Crnà gora
a black mountain – crnā gora 

A horrific destiny – strášna sudbina
The horrific destiny – strâšna sudbina
The problem is that, since the meaning of definite/indefinite article can only be expressed with inclination in the adjective (and only certain types), this method can only be applied in a limited number of cases. And it appears that in some variants (ie Croatian dialects), the difference in inclination is not even heard.


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