@”Kapitán Denis”

By the way, what do è, ê and ē sound like? 

:D Fairly similar to this (click on the ogg file to the right):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tone_(linguistics)

I just found example in google translate that might help. An inteligent woman in Slovak is inteligentná žena, correct? What does that thing on top of “a” stand for? Why not just inteligentna žena?

the intelligent woman –  inteligentnà  žena (descending pitch on a)
an intelligent woman  –  inteligentna  žena (no descent, just a short a)

Again, the difference is fairly subtle, and I’m not sure that it’s heard in all variants. But in male gender, the form of adjective changes, not just pitch:

the intelligent man – inteligentni čovek
an intelligent man  – inteligentan čovek

P.S. Excuse my article use ;)


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