I’d call it just stressing, because you’d use those kind of accentuation only to make sure that people are sure what you’re talking about.

Yeah, that’s exactly my point :D 

More examples, try to pronounce them:
I am alone – Sam sam.
The rainbow is long – Duga je duga.
Onion vs. arc – Luk ili luk.
Bathtub vs. when – Kada ili kada.
City vs hail – Grad ili grad.

I’m sure there are a lot more, I’ll think of a few more. 

As far as definite/indefinite: where did you grow up? Like I said, it is possible that inclination isnt used everywhere to convey that meaning. But here is the example – can you tell the difference when pronouncing these?:
Bêla kuća je objavila da je Trump idiot.
Moja kuća je béla.

Do you see what I mean?

Also, your argument “foreigners cannot do it” doesn’t carry weight. I can hardly do definite/indefinite articles in English, that doesn’t mean they dont have meaning.


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