Dušan  just because your knowledge of history is shallow, that doesn’t mean that I deal with “pseudo-history”.  :D

As I said before, the Serbs are descendants of the ancient Thracian and Celtic people who have assimilated with the Slavs – the well known Triballi and Scordisci. The Scordisci mixed with the local Thracians and Illyrians, and got highly influenced by their culture and language. The
history of the Slavs has been manipulated. The so-called “Slavic” culture was created as a fusion of the
Thracian, Celtic and Sarmatian cultures as many historical evidences are
showing us, and they were known to the Roman and Greek writers of the first and second centuries AD under the name Veneti/Venedi, and later as Sclaveni.
Many years ago I noticed strange similarities between Irish and
Serbian mythology, language, toponyms and hydronyms. The conclusion was that these two people, Serbian (Thracians) and Irish (Celts), must
have lived together somewhere at some point in history in order to mix their
languages and cultures so much. All the grammatical constructs were identical
in old Irish and in Serbian. All the base words in South Slavic languages can
be broken down and explained using Irish. For this to be possible, Irish
speaking people had to be present in the Balkans in great numbers for a very
long time during the Iron Age and even during the Bronze Age. 

I know you don’t believe me, so here is the quoted text from Wikipedia – Scordisci. 

“The Scordisci controlled the various Pannonian tribes in the region, extracting tribute and enjoying the status of the most powerful tribe in the central Balkans (see the tribes of Triballi, Autariatae, Dardanians and Moesians), and they erected fortresses in Singidunum[20] (today’s city of Belgrade) and Taurunum (modern Zemun).”


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