Dušan than you must be an expert on Celtic history, but yet you contradict yourself without realizing it. How do you explain the so-called Great migration of Slavs in 6th and 7th century to Balkans, and a great similarity between Irish and early Serbian mythology, culture and language? The point in comparing Irish and Serbs is that they are far apart in every way, and should not have any overlapping cultural and linguistic characteristics, especially for a such short period of time (according to mainstream history). From what part of Europe/Asia the migration of Slavs began, and why it dates the appearance of the Slavic people later than what was once known? If Serbs (Slavs) settled in Balkans in the 6th and 7th centuries, when and where they got so heavily influenced by the Celtic culture?

culture is proto-Thracian. The Thracians where the best metal workers
(pre-iron), stated by many historians, and then the Celts took over once iron
came about. 

Originally, the Serbs are not so-called “Slavs” ethnically, actually they are descendants of Thracians “Triballi”. Byzantine writers called Serbs exactly by this name “Triballi”, and they called the rulers of the Nemanjić dynasty “Triballian Archonts”. Serbia
was sometimes called Trivallia and even Illyria…

The Greek, Etruscan and Venetic alphabet are derived from the earlier
Phoenician alphabet, but Phoenician alphabet is clearly derived from the Vinča
script (check comparison on Google). 

You should look up the history of Ancient and Middle Ages of Europe, history of Indo-European linguistics, Paleo-Balkan languages, and everything will be much clearer to you. 


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