@”Ancient History” I don’t consider myself an expert in any field of history, I just responded to your previous comment, precisely to this “your knowledge of history is shallow….
You’re just writing the same thing over and over again, aren’t you?
When it comes to those contradictions you think you’ve spotted, you’ve ignored or chosen to ignore important part of the second quote. Look up the term Indo-European, since you’re missing the time period by some 3 millenia.  As Denis posted already, Celtic tribes covered huge part of Europe, all the way to the Carpathians and guess who lived beyond Carpatthians…
And the rest just shows your lack of knowledge. Medieval chroniclers/court historians often referred to regions and peoples by ancient names/names of ancient peoples for various reasons, to seem more knowledgeable, as pejoratives, to give more credibility to certain rulers etc. For example historian of Nemanjić’s court historian claimed that they are descendants of Emperor Licinius, more precisely that Nemanja was his great grandson, which in return means that Nemanja’s father and grandfather must’ve lived for over 300 years each.
And again what are those historical evidences and sources?


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