Dušan  you didn’t answer on any of key points of my previous post, and you didn’t give any evidence to support your belief. Actually, you’re writing the same thing over and over again, your contradictions are obvious. 

Look up the term Indo-European, since you’re missing the time period by some 3 millenia”.

As that best you can do?  :D
Your arguments are weak as your knowledge of history. Your claims about “Nemanjić’s court historian” are wrongly interpreted with obvious intention to manipulate the truth. Basically, you discredit yourself with that statement without realizing it.
The Great Prince of Serbia Stefan Nemanja was called “Archont of
Triballi”, King Milutin was called “Ruler of Triballi”. Serbia
was sometimes called Trivallia and even Illyria. Moreover,
Serbs were called Illyrians until the 19th century; in Austrian-Hungarian
documents they were labeled as “Illyro-Serben”, while their language was called
Illyrian for a long time (this term was misapplied in later times, having been
usurped by Croats and today by Albanians, too).

I’m not writing the same thing over and over again (you must be talking about yourself), every time I bring some new info about this issue, everyone can see that…  :) 


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