Dušan you are just writing the same lies and ignoring the truth, while I’m writing historical facts which you ignore every time, that’s the reason why I repeat myself (only once). But now, I must repeat myself again…

 What was the key question of your previous comment?”

Are you delusional or something? :D My key question??? Why did you ignored my first paragraph, filled with numerous questions regarding the similarities between the Irish and Serbian language and mythology??? EPIC FAIL!  :D  :D  :D
Do you remember now? You copied my text about Thracians Triballi, but you’ll notice that I have not asked you any questions there, and you completely ignored the topic of our previous conversation. How disgraceful.

Like you said;

“I’ve actually written a paper on an Scordisci archaeological site as part of my High School graduation (maturski rad), so I know more than average Joe about them.”

“When it comes to similarities between European languages, such as Serbian and Irish, yes, ancestors or better said linguistic ancestors of those peoples have lived together”.

If your High School graduation, degree or diploma is about famous and well-known Celtic tribe Scordisci, than you should tell us something about it, and post some screenshots of your work, I mean that “paper on an Scordisci archaeological site”.
Obviously you’re losing an argument, no wonder you decided to change the main topic of our conversation. :D


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