NikeBG Again, you disproved yourself…  :D 

“I find it funny how I can disprove myself when I haven’t even posited any claim”.

Your previous comment;

“Btw, I just have one question (sorry, not interested in your theses themselves, we’ve all seen bucketloads of that type, at least those of us in the Balkans) – have you ever read a historical book before?”

Now you even contradict yourself, if you’re not “interested in my theses” (like you said), than why are you replying to me? Obviously you’re ashamed of Bulgarian history, that’s why Bulgarians are indoctrinated with historical fantasies.

As I said before, everything I wrote is backed up by many reliable historical sources, the Byzantine
writers called Serbs exactly by this name “Triballi”, and they called the rulers
of the Nemanjić dynasty Triballian archonts. The term “Triballians” appears frequently in Byzantine and
other European works of the Middle Ages, referring exclusively to Serbs. Some
of these authors clearly explain that “Triballian” is synonym to
“Serbian”. Also, according to many Byzantine and Roman historians, the Serbs are called Thracians and Illyrians in middle Ages, as it was the case of emperor Stefan Dušan whose empire was called “Magnum
Illyricum in West”. Stefan Dušan was the Emperor of Serbs and Byzantines, made both Serbian and Greek
the official languages of his empire. Greeks and Serbs are bound by alliance
treaties and co-belligerence in wars since Middle Ages…


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