Pavel Jozef Šafárik was a Slovak philologist, poet, one of the
first scientific Slavists;
literary historian, historian and ethnographer.

In his famous work “Slavonic Antiquities”, he states that all Slavs have a common ethnicity under old name of
Serbs/Sorabs and that before they were known as Veneti/Wends and Illiryans; the
book substantially influenced the view of the Slavs, however not enough to
change the theory of Slavic migrations to central Europe from Asia

In his well-known work “Slavic ethnology”, he claims that all Slavs were
once called Serbs/Sorabs and prior to that Illyrians. Hence, once one nation
divided into smaller tribes which later formed countries, two tribes kept their
original name: Lusatian Serbs (today a minority in Germany) and Balkan Serbs
who live on territories of modern-day Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and
Hercegovina and parts of Croatia.


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