@”Ancient History” 

If lying makes you feel better about yourself then I really feel sorry for you.

OK, I’m losing my patience. The only impression I have about you is that you’re a troll. You’re wasting our and even your time here. You’re stating the obvious with a little exaggeration here and there thinking we’ll be amazed? All you say is basically “I know everything and if you disagree, you’re a liar!” That’s the opposite of a knowledgeable man.

You have the knowledge and I’m ignorant. I want to get some of your knowledge, so I asked you for it. All you do is play with me.
If you want to present something new on this forum, then stop calling every respondent a liar and inform us.
Maybe Dušan doesn’t want or need to know something new, but I do. But you rather focus on him and ignore me.


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