@”Ancient History”

Who are you to give me your “last chance”?

This says everything about your personality. You think you own us. Just think how would it be if in school a teacher would tell every student how stupid they are and the one student that would ask the teacher to teach would get an answer “Just be patient, we’ll get to it by the end of the week.”
You mentioned historians from the most unpleasing period of time, when everything was driven by nationalism. Darwin is one of the most looked-up-to people by modern scientists, yet he failed to answer many other questions and he was a believer. Modern scientists would disagree with him on many levels. The same goes for Šafárik. You mentioned that Celts used to live in the Balkans. WOOOOOW! Is that enough of a reaction for you?

I’m trying to know something new and you just focus on the parts that are unpleasing to read for you.
This is a forum. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and to express them accordingly to the forum rules.
This discussion is meaningless. I still don’t have your answers and all I get is attacks for being the way I am.

Anyway, this was your last chance. Goodbye.


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