@”Ancient History” I don’t know if you are aware of that but is kind of a convention that questions are ended with question marks (?). Every single one of those were answered. Tell me which one haven’t I answered. My paper isn’t the topic of this thread I have no intention of posting it here. You can chose to trust me or not, I have no reason to lie. I can give you the name and link to the archaeological site in question: Gradina on Bosut. How am I in the corner? You seem to have your own universe around you.
I’m not expert on Celts or history, I’m not student of history, I think I have a humble knowledge of some things and that’s it.

Šafárik is one important figure in Slavic history, in history of my people and the city I’m currently in, but that doesn’t make his romantic historical theories historical facts.

Are you from Serbia? I don’t really care but it seems that you’re unfamiliar with the high school* graduation process here, which could only mean three things: you’re not from Serbia (or ex-Yu), you haven’t finished high school yet or you haven’t gone to high school.
*high school-gimnazija/srednja škola


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