I just finished “Karl Marx: Greatness an Illusion” by Gareth Stedman Jones.
Eyeopening book about this extraordinary dude. A lot of interesting info. I am a member of the last generation to have marxism as a mandatory subject in high school in ex Yugoslavia. So for me,  the most  compelling part, covered in detail here, is his canonization (turning him into a saint, or rather, a semi-god). This was done by Karl Kautsky, Babel and other leaders of the German Social Democratic Party at the turn of the 19th century (that’s right, couple of decades before Bolsheviks did it, he was already put on a pedestal).

Also, lots of info about casual and socially accepted anti-semitism all over Europe in the 19th century and about Marx’s own casual racism towards Balkan Slavs (kind of along Sviatogor’s line). Highly recommended.  

Two other excellent books I read in 2017:

“The Undoing Project” by Michael Lewis (of the “Moneyball”, “The Big Short” fame). If you are in the business of evaluating people, this is a must read. Of course, Michael Lewis’s writing makes the read compelling regardless.

“White Trash” by Nancy Isenberg. About the history of American underclass. Perhaps a little too meandering. Nevertheless, in the wake of Trump, a solid read.


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