NikeBG there are significant differences between “personality” and “methodology”. Your knowledge of philosophy is about as strong as your honesty.
The Personality would be qualities and/or traits of a persons character. Physical and/or emotional.
The Methodology describes the broad philosophical underpinning to your chosen research methods…

You need to educate yourself, Plutarch was not a historian, he was the biographer, criticizer and father of anti-democracy. Also, he took Roman citizenship…  and he was not concerned with history so much as the influence of character, which was prejudiced by various factors (according to many historians).   

Even Herodotus have some inaccuracies, that doesn’t mean that he is a “father of lies”. Herodotus clearly states that he is reporting only what he was told; and significant portion of the information he provided was later confirmed by historians and archaeologists.

P.S. Herodotus was a writer who invented the field of study known today as History, so he is the father of history, and you must respect that. Logically, his inaccuracy or ignorance is expected for his time, and yours is not…  :D  


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