Ouch, touche (well, not really, but I’m feeling generous)! We’re making some progress here!

Now, as I said, methodology is reflective of your approach, which is the part of your personality that I mentioned. But ok, maybe how you approach things is not reflective of your personality – fine, I’m certainly not set in stone about it. Besides, I can be interested in various things – methodology, drive and reasoning, background, all kinds of stuff.

About Herodotus – who said I don’t respect him? Your remark about him being the father of history was just thrown out there, like some appeal to authority, as if it’s supposed to mean something, so I just threw a counter-remark. After all, he is regarded as both and a serious historian should try to examine and present all sides, should he not? Besides, wasn’t it Aristotle (since we’re throwing ancient Greek names around) who said “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”?

Anyway, the whole Herodotus thing is pointless, because he’s a source, not a modern historian. I was asking for the latter. I guess they went fishing in Ireland though…


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