@MikhailA I read “War and Peace” once. All I remember is grapeshot. Lots of grapeshot.  :D

“If I were Tsar I would never go to war,” said Nesvitski, turning away. The French guns were hastily reloaded. The infantry in their blue uniforms advanced toward the bridge at a run. Smoke appeared again but at irregular intervals, and grapeshot cracked and rattled onto the bridge. But this time Nesvitski could not see what …

Grape-shot! ” cried the colonel, instead of answering him; and at that moment the little lieutenant gave a cry, and dropped like a bird shot on the wing. Everything whirled and swam before Peter’s eyes. A rain of ball was clattering on the breastwork, the men, and the guns. Peter, who had not thought much about it hitherto, …

Twice they had attempted to attack this point, but on each occasion had been driven back by grapeshot from the four isolated guns on the hillock. Soon after Prince Bagration had left him, Tushin had succeeded in …


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