In eastern Slavia earliest democracy was in the Novgorod Republic. Muscovites invaded Novgorod, killed officials and took down public assembly (Veche) bell and brought it to Moscow.


The Novgorod Republic was a medieval East Slavic state from the 12th to 15th centuries/

The city state of Novgorod had developed procedures of governance that held a large measure of democratic participation far in advance of the rest of Europe.[7] The people had the power to elect city officials and they even had the power to elect and fire the prince. The Chronicle writer then goes on to describe a “town meeting” where these decisions would have been made, which included people from all social classes ranging from the Posadniki (Magistrates), to the Chernye Liundi (literally, the black folks) or the lowest class. The precise constitution of the medieval Novgorodian Republic is uncertain, although traditional histories have created the image of a highly institutionalized network of veches (public assemblies) and a government of posadniks (mayors), tysyatskys (“thousandmen,” originally the head of the town militia, but later a judicial and commercial official), other members of aristocratic families, and the archbishops of Novgorod.



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