@GLK  >I’m a fan of Ornithology.  Can spend hours watching them soar and dive.

Me, too! I love to take field glasses into the woods and watch the various birds. 
My favorite bird to see is the Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Cranes are believed to be the oldest living bird species, having existed for more than 9 million years in their present form. The cranes are Michigan’s largest bird, measuring up to five feet tall with wings spanning an impressive six to seven feet. Thousands of these majestic birds return annually to roost at Big Marsh Lake in Baker Sanctuary before completing their autumn migration to Florida. With more than 9,000 Sandhill Cranes counted in October 2009, Baker Sanctuary set a new single-day state record for crane numbers. Saved from the brink of extinction, cranes have become a Michigan environmental success story.


My favorite European bird is this Wood Grouse type bird.


The Russian Hobbit teaches his Raven bird, Paul, how to fly.



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