In what way is the education in your country different now compared to before Iron Curtain was lifted. Is it better?

During my elementary and high school education we had communistic system. I don’t know how much it changed today, but I just know it did. When I got to university it switched for Bologne convention system. I guess you can say it was harder before because you had to learn more of those subjects that you wouldn’t need for the type of education you are trying to get and there were better fundings for university (because Yugoslavia invested more in science and education) so labs were up to date. On other side you could study for as long as you want back then and the education was free, but today maximum period of studying allowed is twice longer than the whole program, in other words if bachelor program lasts 4 years you must finish it in 8 years or you wasted your time. Also if you don’t get certain amount of points today you can become self-financing student, which in my opinion is not worth the money.

PS. To be pricisely accurate its not 100% Bologna system, its more like some hybrid between Bologna and old system


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