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Czechs are not more genetically Germanic than Slavic. First off western influence in Czechia isnt all germanic but celtic due to the history of the area but still isnt greater than their eastern influence. 

1) R1a is greater than R1b in the czech republic. http://www.genebaze.cz/cgi-bin/ydhd.cgi?lang=us&n=cz
2) Though geographically literally englulfed by much of Germany and Austria, the czech republic is suprisingly eastern genetically.  Look at the distance on this PCA plot between Czech samples( Red dots) and Germans. The only overlap is with east germans, and east germany are heavily slavic admixed. tapatalk 1497017303450
3)  here are a few samples of Czechs based on 23andme. Look how high eastern european is in comparison to north western european. Keep in mind Full poles from mazovia score around 85% eastern euro on 23andme and they are clearly slavic genetically if not baltic admixed. Czechs are most certainly more slavic than they are germanic. 

CZ1CZ2   CZ3   CZ4   CZ5   CZ6    CZ7     AVERAGE
EASTERN EUROPEAN47.5 64.7  43.9  47.4  52.9  69.1   44.8    52.9
N.W. EUROPAN16.7   10.2    37.3    25.9    32.4    12.8    16.2               21.6
Broadly NWE12.66.823.120.421.29.71615.7
Broadly Southern E.
BROADLY EUROPEAN19.77.310.412.510.792012.8


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