When my Czech family visits us, they always bring us řízky made of dogs. I’m always surprised and speechles like @texczech82 .
They know that we prepare a roasted horse filled with snakes and snail sauce on top of it prior to their visit. Why do they bring us food?

OK, @texczech82 and @Karpivna , you’ve come a long way and I think you’re ready to know more about your Slavic ancestry. What do you think, @srdceleva ? We should tell them some more info already.

Here we go. When you registered on this forum, you were actually recruited. Recruited to the Slavic Army. We’ve created Slavorum as a training platform. Everything you’ve been told here or found anywhere on the internet about Slavs is actually embellished. We had to do it because we didn’t want you to experience a culture shock (although you probably did to some extent anyway). Otherwise you would run away from us. OK, I think I told you too much. Let’s keep the rest in the chest for now.

If you want to know more about your Slavic heritage, you have to complete the first task:
– Learn the language of your ancestors

Both Ukrainian and Czech (only on the website) courses are available on Duolingo. Good luck, comrades!


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