Yes, I guess we would probably say Shishe/Shishentse… 

The other thing, most Southern Europeans in the diaspora, especially in Australia up until recently have tended to have a “Bar” setup in their house, usually attached to the Formal Dining room (which may or may not have plastic clear sheets on the furniture, for the real “woggy” homes – lol) or attached to the Rumpus (or Billiards) Room.  Its not so common in the recent generation, which are becoming more “Aussie”.  Nonetheless, in the Bar or a Wog’s house, you would always find things like Grappa, Rakija, Whiskey, Wines, etc etc… But more so, I can remember in the Bar’s of some relatives, a wooden bottle (with a cap), usually a show piece, but it was a traditional wooden bottle, and I’m not sure if its Greek thing, a Slavic thing, or just a traditional ornament that was just in fashion and that people bought as a show-piece for their Private (Mini) Bars within their home.  

I tried to look them up online, and I can’t seem to find them.  They are usually round shaped with a neck and cap at the top, but if you turned them on the side, they are flat on the profile side.


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