Okay, I googled the answer.


1. There are only mines in Silesia,
2. All men work in the mines,
3. Silesians are yahoos (don’t know where it comes from),
4. Nothing happens there/no point in visiting Silesia,
5. There are no nice souvenirs to buy there,
6. No culture (again, no idea where it comes from).

The only thing from that list what I connect with Silesian region myself are mines. 

I didn’t find anything about the Kashubians. But regarding the German influence, it is present not only there, but also in Polish language. The traits which you described as typically German, are not unique for Germans at all. So I still don’t know what do you mean by being “germanised”. I have one Kashub in my family and I don’t see anything German in him at all.


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