@GaiusCoriolanus I am sorry that I left tons of material here, but I am taking in my arguments basically what they describe about German and Germanic cultures. Just check a few excerpts.

I will use the example of Slovenes. Most of their stereotypes are as if calling them “Little Austria”. The country is rich and clean, people are efficient, reserved, punctual. The book even goes on to say Slovenes “are aware of Slavic excesses of Slavs to the East”. After centuries under Austrian rule, it seems their culture became Germanized. And I don’t mean just language, but culture. Even Czechs seem to be like that, though less so than Slovenes.

This is all I am asking: Are Kashubians and Silesians so Germanized?

It seems Silesians are not. Thanks for answering.

On Kashubians, are you saying they are just as Polish as anyone from Warsaw or the Kresy?


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