For example, we Shops are believed to be “wooden Shops”, i.e. quite hard-headed. There’s even a joke, about a Bay Ganyo type getting on the train and, upon finding nowhere to hang his bags, taking a nail and driving it in the wall of his compartment. But the nail didn’t want to go through, so after much trying, the guy goes to the next compartment and finds a Shop sleeping, resting his head on the wall where the nail was supposed to go through. Interestingly enough, the same joke apparently exists in Romania about the people from the Wallachian plains or sometimes about the Bulgarians as a whole. Likewise, since the Shopluk is generally the most humourous of all our folk regions, there are tons of more jokes about the Shops, many of them made by us ourselves.
The Macedonians are generally regarded as “lyuti komiti”, i.e. quite hot-tempered, somewhat foamy at the mouth, but at the same time mostly full of hot air (thus, like the Shops, they’re also rather wooden-headed, but the wood is rather hollow). Basically, something like this series of sketches, except, you know, not being a part of a comedy show. And I myself am a Shop-Macedonian mix, so… yeah…
The North-Westerners… well, they’re like aaaaa, except they swear like Serbs (or even more, if that’s possible)…

For sub-regions, the people of Tran are lazy, while the people of the mining town of Pernik are famed for their love of the VW Golf (and its reckless driving) and of being tough and violent (with their preferred weapon being a vinkel).


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