Czechs and Slovenes are not “Germanised” as the verb “Germanised” implies that they have been assimilated into the Germanic realm, which they have not been. 

What are the Germanic traits of Czechs and Slovenes? 

If you’re talking about the language, Czech was heavily Russified after the war and that removed a good percentage of Germanic words and replaced them with Proto-Slavic words, Polish has more Germanic words than Czech at the moment. Slovene has a lot of German influence but that is all it is, influence. They are all still Slavic.

Culturally, Czechs and Poles are pretty much identical, maybe Poles have some dishes in common with Belarusians and Ukrainians (due to common history), but other than that, they are quite similar. Slovenes, I am not sure about, but I believe that their culture doesn’t differ too much from their Balkan neighbours.

I am a Pole from the Polish-German border area and we don’t have many stereotypes about Kashubs, we might sometimes joke that they are German (but we usually say this more about Tusk himself) but the thought of Kashubs doesn’t cross our minds at regular intervals.

I have a few relatives from Silesia, and they talk differently, but other that; they are perceived as the same as everyone else. 


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