in case you haven’t found these yourself yet:

http://ukrssr.com.ua/volinska/gorohivskiy/skobelka-gorohivskiy – says here your ancestral village was first mentioned in manuscripts in 1629 and was then called Stary Gorokhiv (Old Gorokhiv) or Gorokhiv-selo (Gorokhiv Village); also says that during Poland’s rule of 1920-39 the villagers would celebrate Taras Shevchenko day on May 1st every year, in Dibrovi forest 9 km from Skobelka (apparently they did it in secret). 
http://gorokhivblag.com.ua/index.php?m=churches&id=2 – St. Nicholas’ church still exists; it was used as a cinema during the early Soviet rule, and then as a warehouse for chemicals after 1961. Went back to being a church in 1990.
http://dir.icm.edu.pl/pl/Slownik_geograficzny/Tom_X/682 – a scan from an old Polish geography encyclopedia where it mentions Skobelka (Skobiełka)

https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Скобелецька_волость – Skobelka was the administrative center of a district for quite a while; I also suggest you study the history of Gorokhiv because it gives a better idea of the historic events that took place thereabouts and might’ve affected your ancestors https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Горохів

The word skobelka stands for a pottery/carpentry tool used to make hollows in wood or clay, so perhaps that’s what the villagers’ primary occupation was back in the days.


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