Another young known ornithologist out of Belarus is Denis Kitel. His field of interest are birds of prey. Owls in particular. Once , he went to north-eastern Turkey near Armenia where he ringed 3,000 birds. One needs to be licensed to ring the birds. He wasn’t paid for doing this. He said it was useful experience for him. He also worked at ABP – BirdLife Belarus. Now, he is freelance ornithologist.

Вetween travels, which are always connected with bird watching, Denis
lives in Minsk. He occupies himself with studying owls in nest boxes,
and writes articles on environmental themes. This year, he recorded a
new bird species for Belarus: a yellow-browed warbler. This brought him a
prize from the Championship for Sporting Ornithology.

Over the past 27 years, Denis has visited over 20 countries, travelling to Georgia last summer, to attend a festival of birdwatchers; he shared his experience of Belarus’ ecological tourism, and his adventures in Turkey, where the Belarusian ornithologist was the main bird ringer at a station in the North-Eastern part of the country (on the floodplain of the River Aras).

Denis believes that his experiences at the station are priceless. Only foreigners work there, since Turkey lacks professional ornithologist-ringers with a license for such activity. Every year, the ‘Kuzey Doga’ organisation invites experts from other countries to undertake work. Denis took over from an ornithologist from Bolivia, who is now living in Spain. Denis was the only professional ornithologist, joined by six amateur enthusiasts.

‘Kuzey Doga’ ringing station is situated in the valley between the mountains, about 5km from the border with Armenia. The ornithologists lived in a village half a kilometre from the station, in a house donated by local authorities. The keen bird-watchers would go to the station each day about half an hour before dawn and would return at dusk, Denis determining the species of birds and ringing them. On average, they would catch about 100 birds daily, amounting to around 3,000 over the whole month!



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