@NikeBG 2.2. (drugi drugog) is also known as that here. Sretenje translates as meeting doesn’t it?
When it comes to Serbia Sretenje (15.2.) is a national holiday in Serbia (15. an 16.), it’s Statehood Day and some call it Constitution Day too, it’s established in memory of Orašac Assembly (1804) which marked the beginning of First Serbian Uprising and Sretenje Constitution (1835), first Constitution of Serbia which was never implemented. Turks considered Serbia part of their Empire (as it was at the time), Austrians and Russians saw it as dangerous and too liberal, kind of Serbian spin off of French ideals at the time, as it was modeled after French charters and Belgian constitution. Russians called it “French weeds in Turkish forest”.
If something important happens in Serbia it’s either on Sretenje or Vidovdan.


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