I dont spit on my own heritage and neither do I wanna start a religious fight. I never followed it, I always relied on those “inner voices” so to say. I believe those are my ancestors guiding me through life. Anyways. As for Cyril and Methodius, they were the starting point of destroying our old faith. Im not hating on them. How could I. Theyre dead for 1000 years. 

I agree with you that too many people spewing hate but im not one of them. Its everyones own choice wether they want to be catholic, orthodox, muslim, budhist or pastafarian ….their life their choice. I chose to ignore them and let my ancestors help me in life. I cant trust any monk or priest to help me with life decisions, however I can trust the inner voices which I believe are the voices of my ancestors. Thats my faith, thats how I live my life. Id rather put my life in hands of those inner voices than to hands of any foreign religion priest or saomethig. We have our own VIERA (faith) of our ancestors. We dont need tons of other different foreign religions to divide Slavs even more. Thats why I tolerate the religions and everyones choice to be what they want to be. Taking the religion away by force would cause more harm than good. The people will have to realise this thing about religions themselves to be able to grow more spiritualy and connect with our ancestors and our past.



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