You are wrong about the language. Before Cyril and Methodius came we had a writing language. I have no idea how its called in english but in Slovak its Staroslovienska bukvica. Originally there was 49 symbols. Cyril and Methodius removed 5 important ones and edited few others. 

Then they translated the bible into that “new” language they made. Those who still believe that we didnt had a written language (Slovak: “písmo” – which is another name for the Bible)  before Cyril and Methodius should really look into our history. 

And regarding my inner voices a.k.a schizophrenia a.k.a callitwhatyouwant, well .. my life is good so far. Im happy in my heart, things are going pretty good for me and my family. Call it shizophrenia if you want, its up to you but as long aś this works for me theres no point in changing anything.

Btw, Maybe we wouldnt call “Slavs” but it would be close since even the arabs in 5th century called us something which is pretty close to “Slav”. Cant remember the exact name tho so youll have to use google if you want to know that.


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