@NikeBG mate i dont disrespect them. I just look at the facts and they clearly show that they helped to destroy our old culture and faith with their foreign religion/cult. I understand that something has to die in order for something to be born/created but this wasnt good for us in Europe. I doubt that there is a single Slav who thinks that we are culturally growing. For the last 1000 years we are on a cultural decline.

Start your own research and find yourself when we started going downhill, when the foreign noneuropean religions started dividing us. Find yourself when we lived in peace without dividing ourselves between catholic, orthodox or this and that. We had one faith back then. Our common faith kept us united and protected us from our biggest enemy – Slavs. Sounds kinda silly huh? But it couldnt be more true, just look around. In just the last 100 years, how many Slavs died in pointless wars and conflicts like you can see in Donetsk and Lugansk where one brother killing another? Not even gonna talk about two world wars in detail, that would take ages (maybe later) and mainly on whos land they were waged. Who was the biggest victim of those wars and who sacrificed the most to end them? ~70 million pointlessly lost lives of mainly Germanic and Slavic people. 

Start your own research on how we lived before catholicism came to Europe. What were the relations between the different lets call them tribes. What kind of “politica system” we used, how we fed ourselves and compare it to this world 1000 years later. Same shit different CENTURY. Slavs are waging wars on their biggest enemy – other Slavs. Brothers killing brothers for what … foreign politics and religious differences? 

Is it really worth it to argue over FOREIGN stuff that divide us? What if we threw all the historical “punches” behind us and focused all the energy into things that brings us together. 

Last question. What entity or who doesnt want Europe and all the tribes to live in peace and prosperity? Ill give you a hint. They were great and strong enemies but couldnt defeat us militarily. Who is it?


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