“Those pre-Christian strokes and incisions (чръты и рѣзы) sure were a huge thing and it’s really unfortunate that we’ve lost it.” 

I dont think you understand the importance of a language. Its not just a tool to communicate. Language (at least the old one – staroslovienska bukvica) use to be also a way of thinking. 

What you can see today is written language where one specific sound represent one specific letter which is very simplistic. Simple language leads to simple thinking. Not good for us. 

Btw I agree with you about the old Slavic traditions in Orthodox church. Im so thankful for it but I still think that Europe would be better off if they just didnt come or if they came in other circumstances. Thats it. I dont hate on religions wether its orthodox or catholic. Be what you want as long as it make you love your fellow Slavic brother instead of waging pointless wars like in Donetsk. 


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