@Azid I disagree with your point on writing systems (not language). I don’t think it affects our thinking anywhere close to what you’re saying. Besides most of our ancestors were illiterate till some 100/200 years ago, they didn’t use any kind of writing system. No one’s preventing you to write Slovak more complicated, in another thread Denis here and I wrote it in Cyrillic, he wrote it in Glagolic script couple of times too. Go all Polish or Hungarian on it if you like it :D 
No one is a fan of inter-Slavic conflicts or conflicts of any kind, besides religion is not the reason for Russian-Ukrainian conflict like it was in Yugoslavia, they’re both predominately Orthodox. We don’t would it be better or worse without Abrahamic religions in Europe, there are too many factors too know that or even assume. In our universe it happened, make peace with it and get the best of the situation.


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