Then they translated the bible into that “new” language they made.

They didn’t make a new language. It was a South Slavic dialect. If you mean Glagolitic, it’s a writing system.

Start your own research on how we lived before catholicism came to Europe.

Unfortunately, we don’t have resources. If you had balls to say that tartaria.sk is a resource, I have bad news for you.
I’m a follower of science and myths are not a good resource to study “history” for me.

Before Cyril and Methodius came we had a writing language. I have no
idea how its called in english but in Slovak its Staroslovienska
bukvica. Originally there was 49 symbols. Cyril and Methodius removed 5
important ones and edited few others.

I’d like to see some evidence.

Oh, and it’s easy to blame Cyril and Methodius for negatively transforming our culture and society, but you should blame your ancestors that talk in your head instead. Why would they let it happen?


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