@aaaaa and if the Chernorizets Hrabrs script isnt the only document then what? just because certain evidence  is being ignored by international historians doesnt mean its not there. Just because certain archeological discoveries are being ignored doesnt mean theyre not there for you. Dont rely on others to tell you that this is real and this is fake. Take what you have and use your common sense and logic to help you find the truth. 

Those “lines and cuts” in our old language was kinda similar (a bit more simplified) to runewords where the whole “picture” of few runes put together represent one whole sentence or meaning so to say. Staroslovienska bukvica could be read phonetic way or the “picture” way (sry cant explain it any better, my English isnt the best as you can see)

Over the last 1000 years the written language was changed many times. Even the Bolshevics attempted to change azbuka in Soviet Union. C&M werent the only ones who changed the language and every time the language went through a change it became more and more simple thus more and more primitive.


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