What?  Are you high?  And on what?  Kirill and Mefodij brought an alphabet that was made for Slavic speakers.  It fits the languages so well, that despite the Latin alphabet in many of them, the ones that still use Kirillica are easier to read (better on the eyes), while the ones that use Latinica have all the signs over the letters, and the various letters such as ę, ą, cz, szcz, sz, č, ć, ś, š, ř, ŕ…shall I go on?  They did not destroy the culture, they allowed it to be written down in a way that could easily fit the sounds of Slavic languages and actually protect Slavic cultures.  The idea of an old Slovak alphabet is interesting though; could you possibly share an image of it?  I’m curious as to if you are mistaking Glagolitic (the first alphabet of Kirill and Mefodij), with for something a little different.


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