interesting thread @Sviatogor. I need to look at some of your older threads they seem quite interesting. So as I though polish seems to be the most distinct slavic language phonetically. I have often wondered what the reason for this. Can anyone explain this to me? 

My theory is something like what happened in england to english pronunciation. Nobility thought recieved pronunciation sounded nice and it spread from them to the rest of the country. This is why brits dont really pronounce the letter “r” while americans and irish do. I think a similar process must have happened in Poland. Polish people have often told me other slavic languages sound to harsh for them. I think adding sound š and soft l to words made words sound fancier and softer in poland. Take the word “First” in most slavic languages. In russian-Pervy, Slovak and south Slavic languages- prvy, and then Polish Perwszy. I think Nobility in poland must have added these sounds to sound fancy and it spread to the rest of the country. Any other theory for this?


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