@”Kapitán Denis” how do I contradict my own statement?

You always have to think what letter represents what sound in a word, thus leading you to complex thinking.”  – its not complex at all. The language is primitive from my point of view. 

English:                 Slovak:
I want.                   Ja chcem
You want.             Ty chceš 
He wants.             On chce
She wants.           Ona chce
It wants.               Ono chce
We want.              My chceme
You want.             Vy chcete 
They want.            Oni chcú 

You can skip the ja, ty, on,…. and just go with “chcem vodu” which means I want the water for myself. “Chceš vodu?” means “do you want the water?”… Well, try to walk up to someone and say “want water”… Like, who …I, you, they?
This you can call complexity because I gave away more information using only those two words. English is not complex at all… Like @MikhailA said, in its old period. 


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