@Azid actually you can walk up to someone and say “want water.” its common in english and its understood from the context you mean “you want water.” It is informal though and would be rude said to an older person. 

Verb conjugations arent hard to me in any indoeuropean language ive learned so far, you just have to remember them. Even english has irregular verbs. English is easy to speak at first but complicated when you want to actually express yourself at a higher level. Over all though I agree that english is a simple language with a massive vocabulary. This makes it perfect as a world language. Still despite it being supposedly simple Im amazed how bad people can speak it sometimes. 

@Dušan one theory states slavic pagan religion was heavily influenced by Iranian faith, its why religious words in slavic languages often have an iranian origin. Even the word for God “Bog” is of Iranian origin according to most historians. 


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