@”Kapitán Denis”  there isnt much evidence about old pagan slavic religion. What is written today is mostly made up nonsense about old slavic faith. What we can do is compare it to other indo european faiths at the time like faith of germans, celts, and Iranians. They all bear similarities typical to many pagan faiths. Pantheon of gods, beliefs about nature etc. Celtic and Germanic faiths were heavily war oriented, violent, and bloody. Human sacraficing is well attested to in europe and as I said old slavs were sacraficing babies from mount zobor in Nitra. My father is a professor and was already learning about this under communists when he was getting his phd. Contrary to what other people have tried to claim on here Christianity was spread all across the roman empire peacefully. When constantine finally made christianity legal under the Milad edict much of the Roman empire was already christian. None of these people were forced to convert despite what later kings or kingdoms did, actually they became Christian in the face of death. Also, for the most part europe became Christian with very little violence. Once a king became Christian peasants naturally followed. 
lets see what a secular historical analysis of success of western culture says about Christianity and Paganism 

 A second and related reason is the
Judaeo-Christian subordination of nature to man. This belief is a sharp departure
from widespread animistic beliefs and practices that saw something of the divine in
every tree and stream (hence the naiads and dryads). Ecologists today might say
these animistic beliefs were preferable to what was put in their place, but no one
was listening to pagan nature-worshipers in Christian Europe. A third reason stems
from the Judaeo-Christian sense of linear time. Other societies thought of time as
cyclical, returning to earlier stages and starting over again. Linear time can be
thought of as progressive or regressive, as moving on to better things or declining
from some earlier, happier state. For Europeans in our period, the progressive view


And if the society was truly war oriented and loved to kill and see blood splashing, how come they considered it bad and wanted to convert to peaceful Christianity then?

it does make sense, when people are offered another better outlook of the world that is the opposite of their culture they may love it and completely change. Communism was a horrible ideology but most people living under it were excited about the alternative


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