there isnt much evidence about old pagan slavic religion…
…What we can do is compare it to other indo european faiths at the time like faith of germans, celts, and Iranians.

A scientist would tell you that you can’t make any meaningful and truthful conclusions out of this information. Only assumptions. It’s not enough to convert a scientific theory to scientific truth or objective truth.

Celtic and Germanic faiths were heavily war oriented, violent, and bloody.

Pagans had many gods to represent many aspects of life, culture and society. They lived in times when many tribes or nations were raiding Europe and they had to defend their tribes to survive, so they worshiped war gods to give them strength.
You can’t just say that the whole society was warlike. If you went back in time and visited a pagan family and gave them a gold coin or some food, I’m pretty sure they would treat you like a friend or a family member. It works like that with many indigenous tribes that still live somewhere in forests or islands.


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