@Dušan you wouldnt be Christian if you followed the old testament you would be a jew, thats not about denying half of  the bible, its believing that all of those old jewish traditions came to fulfillment in Christ and we dont need them anymore. Thats not cherry picking, the new testament literally tells us not to follow old laws any more. Christianity as an ideology was never violent. Read the new testament and tell me where is there any indication to practice violence?. 

Also why would you doubt anyone would sacrafice his son? primitive cultures around the world practice things exactly like this. Aztecs sacraficed 80 thousand people in the cours of 4 days each year. What makes our ancestors so special that they didnt practice stuff like this?

@”Kapitán Denis”  there is a difference between killing and eating food and killing an animal, bathing in its blood on certain holidays, and burning its remains to a God. Its even more sick when this is done to humans which it is. Also your example of people going to indigenous tribes around the world is a good one. Give them a gold coin and they treat you like a king for a day, then you wake up and they are sacraficing you to some deity lol. There are numerous occasions in history where europeans were killed by natives for reasons like this all around the world during the age of exploration. 


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